Check Out 5 Top Preschool Jakarta Barat With International Education Standard!

Check Out 5 Top Preschool Jakarta Barat With International Education Standard!

Parents usually want the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. A good education helps children develop important skills to navigate life and contribute to society properly. Because of the vital role of early education, some parents want to provide a good education for their children as early as possible. If you are interested, here are the 5 Top Preschool Jakarta Barat for your children’s education!

5 Preschools That Provides The Best Early Childhood Education

1. Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla offers an early childhood education program designed according to the child’s age. Each program is focused on different areas of learning. Starting from the age of 1.5 the education program focused on introducing basic skills to the age of 6 which is focused more to develop complex skills and logical thinking. Their education program is built on mindful-based practices to help children reduce stress and anxiety.

2. DSJ

DSJ provides education based on each individual’s needs, interests, feelings, experiences, and abilities. They support and guide their children to explore every area for personal development and self-discovery journey. DSJ Preschool Jakarta Barat exposes its students to different cultures through cultural exchanges, especially between German and Indonesian cultures.


ISMILE is committed to providing an education to help children progress beyond expectations. They provide a safe and inspiring environment for children to provoke their imagination and creativity. Children must be nurtured, heard, and respected. Therefore, the educators in ISMILE are active listeners and keen observers so they can support and facilitates the learning opportunities well.

4. Apple Tree Preschool

As they believe that early childhood education plays a vital role in establishing a solid base for your children’s overall growth and development, Apple Tree Preschool provides a curriculum that allows children to reach their best potential at their pace. They are committed to providing an education program based on each individual strengths and need from the basis of learning.

5. Kidea Podomoro City

Kidea Preschool Jakarta Barat believes that the most important period of life is from birth to the age of six. Early childhood education helps children develop a strong foundation that will maximize their growth and development of the child. They are committed to providing an excellent education for all children.

Those are the five best preschools that offer a program to prepare your children for primary school and upper education level. As a parent, you need to have a piece of proper knowledge about the school program to make sure that your children get the high-quality education they deserve.